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Everything you need to know to plan an

Go glamping under the stars after your Alabama elopement. 

Hike to the highest peak in the state and say I Do.

Parasail after your Orange Beach wedding

Elope in Gulf Shores on a sunset sailboat cruise in the Gulf of Mexico

imagine if you could...

It's nickname wasn't given to it for no reason but many overlook the beauty that lies within the states borders. With so many unique elopement locations in Alabama how will you know which one to choose? It's a good thing we know our way around this state, the best times to visit, the must-do activities in the locations, and not to mention the best food joints. 

Alabama's beauty extends from Lake Guntersville to Mount Cheaha to Gulf Shores and surrounding beaches. So, if your looking to have a beach wedding in Alabama or have an elopement in a state park, we got you covered. Keep reading below to find out the best kept secrets for couples just like you. 

where will the country roads take you?

Alabama the Beautiful 

You leave your Airbnb for the ride of your life. You and your partner board a private sailboat where you will pronounce your unwavering love for one another under the sunset sky and amongst the emerald waters. The salt air concretes your vows and you enjoy champagne while the sun says goodbye one last time. 
Arriving back at your home, your embraced with hugs and giggles as you replay your wedding day. You enjoy a private dinner with your friends and family with only the freshest and local gulf cuisine and reminisce about the journey your love has went on. 

You deserve the wedding of your dreams. Your beach wedding in Gulf Shores can be just that.  

Take a moment to dream up your best day ever. Imagine surrounded by the smell of fresh brewed java coming through the floors of beach house you've rented for you two and only your closest friends and family. Outside the windows, you see the waves crashing against the shore and the sun beaming inside your window as you get ready. Your photographer has arrived to capture you helping one another become wedding ready. 

Why have an Alabama Elopement?

Let me help it become reality

let's talk about how to make the sand your wedding altar. 

Your beach wedding in gulf shores can be an adventure of a lifetime. 

Getting married only takes 2 signatures and a notary!.

The Emerald waters and the whitest sands make for beautiful backdrops

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are both very family friendly.

There are endless activities available at your fingertips from kayaking, paddleboarding, deep sea fishing, parasailing and even sunset cruises on the Gulf. 

Why a beach wedding in alabama

If the how to and the what ifs worry you, here are some FAQ to help ease your mind.

...all it takes is two signatures and a notary. 

leave the tricky stuff to us! 

how to get married in alabama

What do i need to do to be married in Alabama

What do i need to do to be married in Alabama

In order to become married in Alabama, all a couple needs to do is print out the marriage certificate from online. There is no wait period and the paperwork can be filled out in the same day. The certificate can be found on this page. Once it is filled out, it must have be notarized by a notary public who is recognized until the Alabama laws. 

how much do the legalities cost

how much do the legalities cost

The paperwork that must be submitted to the Probate Office has a filing fee of  $73. It must be paid via money order or cashiers check and sent in with the paperwork within 30 days of your wedding date. This covers one certified copy of your marriage certificate sent to you as well. 

how can i get married on the beach

how can i get married on the beach

Finding an Airbnb or rental that allows private events on their property is one way to go about having the ceremony on the beach. Another way (and if you have family or friends that may be attending) is renting one of the four locations that are offered on the beach. Check out this blog to know exactly how to go about securing those permits and payments. 

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