Aruba Destination Wedding: One Happy Couple

Getting Eloped on the “Happy Island”

Getting married in Aruba is pinged in Google over 600 times a month, and there’s no wonder why. The beautiful aquamarine waters pull us into the dream of joy. This island sits in the Caribbean stretching a mere 70 square miles but don’t let that number fool you. The island is home to numerous magnificent natural landscapes and habitats.

How To Get Married in Aruba:

When it comes to being wed in Aruba, there are a few things a couple needs to think about. The paperwork to legally getting married in Aruba can be daunting to some, so many couples opt to do all the paperwork at home and have your commitment ceremony in Aruba. If you don’t mind and would rather it be legally binding on the island, there are some things you need to have on hand before you say, “I do”.

  • Birth certificates
  • Passports
  • Passports for your witnesses
  • Certificate of No Impediment
  • Declaration of Marriage Intent

If you’re wondering where the heck to even start, I would suggest considering reaching out to a wedding planner on the island that will help with the paperwork, so you don’t have to. List of planners can be found here.

One Happy Island: Reasons Why

The Beautiful Scenery

White sandy beaches. Crystal clear and emerald waters kissing the shoreline. Palm trees swaying freely. There is no question why Aruba is one of the most loved and popular destinations for your wedding or elopement. You can sit back and relax while relishing in the masterpiece in front of you. You can live “the dream”. If you are choosing Aruba as your wedding destination, consider booking for a couple days to really enjoy the scenery. After saying “I Do”, you can stay and enjoy the time you have together peacefully.

Private and intimate

As if being in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean isn’t enough, Aruba also offers a variety of venues that are home to private beaches and cabanas. Booking a wedding at one of these locations means validating your love for one another with only your closest friends and family…or even just you two if that’s what you’d prefer. Take a stroll down the shoreline with just you two. Enjoy the serene and calm crash of the waves.


To add onto the mountain of reasons why you should choose Aruba, cost is also something to consider. Getting married in Aruba doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Depending on the venue, amenities, and vendors you book, you could expect to spend anywhere from $6000-$10,000 on your whole experience. Imagine investing in your marriage and then being able to have your dream honeymoon all in the same price? There’s no denying why Aruba is such hot wedding destination spot.


In Aruba, there numerous venues and ideas of where to get married. Each venue has their own packages and costs based upon what exactly you are looking for. Here are two of my favorite venues that each offer beautiful scenery and amenities.

Renaissance Aruba- Wind Creek – A whole experience in one with its own private island.

  • Both Adult-Only and Family Friendly Options
  • 2 Wedding Locations to Choose From (Coral Beach or Ocean Suites Beach)
  • Private Cabanas for Rent
  • Wedding Planners Available
  • Catering Available

Divi & Tamarijn Aruba– an all-inclusive resort offering return deals for anniversaries!

  • Golf Course Access
  • Kid Friendly Resort
  • Discounted Room Rates for Guests of the Wedding
  • On-Site Wedding Experts
  • Multiple Locations to Choose From

Exploring the Island

After you’ve officially become a married couple, let’s start making your elopement even more adventurous. Aruba has so much to offer and explore. We can go to Eagle Beach, which was rated top 5 of the best beaches in the world! …Or if you’re wanting something a bit more unique to the island, we can visit Natural Bridge. I can just image you and your partner sitting on the edge of paradise here. The views really are immaculate. Arikok National Park also has a lot to offer with it’s hikes, trails, and even caves to explore.

The island is booming with air and opportunity to explore. Whether swimming with sea turtles is your thing or visit the wreck diving capital in the water, your time here has endless opportunities. Are you ready to make Aruba a part of your history and your future? Let’s talk today!!

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