Meaning of Elope and Is an Elopement For You?

What is the Meaning of elope and is an elopement for you? Let’s talk about it…

Weddings – the puffy white dresses, the catered meals, the epic dance-offs that inevitably end with Uncle Jim doing the worm. It’s a day that many people dream about… until they actually start planning it and realize that maybe this isn’t quite what they envisioned. The monogrammed napkins end up in the trash, your left with hundreds of favors that you stressed over just a week ago, and someone ends up puking in the venue’s bathroom. The day ends up being more about how to entertain people than celebrating your love story.

Between the overwhelming choices, skyrocketing costs, and the intense pressure, it’s no wonder many couples are trading their Cinderella carriages for backpacks and hiking boots, sunscreen and umbrellas, or something they’ve never tried before ….opting to elope instead. 

As an elopement photographer based in Alabama, I am passionate about joining couples on their wild and unique adventures and capturing their love story in all of its raw beauty.

But what does elope mean? Let’s talk about it and see if it’s the ideal choice for you! 

An elopement in Colorado

Meaning of Elope

  • The Elopement Enigma – What Does it Really Mean?
  • Advantages of Elopement: Why You Might Want to Ditch the Big Wedding
  • Intimate Affair: An Opportunity to Focus on What Truly Matters
  • The Potential Downside: Upset Relatives and Missed Traditions
  • Elopement Isn’t for Everyone, and That’s Okay
  • It’s Your Wedding, Do What Makes You Happy!

The Elopement Enigma – What Does it Really Mean?

When you hear the word ‘elopement’, you might envision a Romeo and Juliet scenario, complete with a ladder, moonlight, and a comically unaware Capulet clan.

But today, the meaning of elope isn’t so much a clandestine escape as it is a hassle-free wedding plan. In contemporary terms, eloping is essentially a fancy term for getting hitched without the hullabaloo. Think of it as the “casual Friday” of weddings.

You trade in the five-tier cake for a two-person picnic, the ballroom for a beach or a park, and the chicken dance for… well, any dance of your choosing.

Trust me, nobody will miss the chicken dance and you will never regret doing things on your terms…

Couples portraits with a horse during an elopement in Colorado

Advantages of Elopement: Why You Might Want to Ditch the Big Wedding

Alright, let’s kick off this chat with the big ‘W’ – your wallet.

If money could talk, it would sing ballads about the beauty of elopements. Less cake to buy, fewer flowers to arrange, and zero need for a hall big enough to host your second cousin thrice removed. An elopement wedding can be a seriously budget-friendly option.

Another win? You dodge the bullet of organizing a seating chart that feels like a weird game of Tetris. Elope and spare yourself the stress.

Oh, and did I mention the travel? Always dreamed of saying your vows on a beach, a mountaintop, or even in the comfort of your own backyard? Eloping is your golden ticket to turning this dream into reality.

Then, there’s the food. Nobody’s going to judge you if you swap the five-course banquet for your favorite take-out. Or if you replace the traditional wedding cake with donuts or cheesecake. You can have a cheese tower for all we care! When you elope, the wedding menu is all about you.

Finally, the meaning of elope allows you to skip the garter toss and any other tradition you’re not keen on.

So go ahead, toss the rule book out of the window for a nontraditional wedding and embrace the freedom of elopement!

Intimate Affair: An Opportunity to Focus on What Truly Matters

If you’ve ever felt like the third wheel in your own relationship, with wedding planning taking centre stage, then an elopement might be your ticket to reclaiming your coupledom.

Imagine not having to agonize over which version of “Here Comes the Bride” to walk down the aisle to – traditional organ or dubstep remix? Plus, when it’s just the two of you, you can skip the subtlety and go full Nicholas Sparks.

Want to make passionate declarations of love with no time limit? Go for it! Yearning for dramatic weeping and extensive hugging? It’s your party, cry if you want to!

Instead of splitting your attention between your new spouse and your cousin’s kid who just discovered he can slide across the dance floor in his socks, you can focus on what’s important to you – the love between you and your partner.

With an elopement, there’s no need to worry about whether your guests are having a good time, or if the DJ remembered your “do not play” list. No more stress about whether your uncle can find a vegetarian option at the buffet, or if your bridesmaids will finally agree on a hairstyle. It’s just you, your partner, and love.

Now doesn’t that sound refreshing? The meaning of elope never sounded better!

Couples portraits during an elopement in Colorado

The Potential Downside: Upset Relatives and Missed Traditions

Eloping comes with its own share of potential pitfalls.

You’re bound to have a grandma or two shaking their heads in disbelief, or perhaps a third cousin who’s taken aback that they weren’t invited to see you tie the knot. For some, the hurt feelings of non-invitees might sting more than an overcooked wedding roast.

And let’s not forget traditions! There’s a certain charm to a father-daughter dance, the bouquet toss, or having your friends write quirky advice for you to read on your one-year anniversary.

Opting for an elopement may mean skipping out on these classic wedding norms.

And the cake? That majestic, tiered tower of frosting and fondant? Well, unless you’re a closeted master baker, you may need to trade in that traditional confectionery masterpiece for something a little more humble. Maybe a box of store-bought cupcakes, or even a homemade brownie tower – hey, there’s no judgment here!

So, while the meaning of elope might sound like a stress-free paradise, it’s worth considering the flip side of the coin to see what is right for you.

Elopement Isn’t for Everyone, and That’s Okay

Eloping might sound like a walk in the park – or on a beach, or a mountaintop – for the daring romantics among us.

But let’s not forget the traditionalists, the fairy-tale dreamers, and the dance-off enthusiasts. You know who you are – you’ve had your dream wedding Pinterest board since 2009. You’ve got a playlist ready with Uncle Jim’s favorite dance tunes and an allergy-friendly menu that will make your vegan, gluten-intolerant, nut-allergic cousin jump for joy.

You’ve daydreamed about that slow dance with Dad, your best friend’s tear-jerking speech, and the moment you toss that bouquet into a crowd of your giddy girlfriends. Eloping might not tickle your fancy, and you know what? That’s totally fine!

You see, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to weddings. While eloping might be the comfy pyjamas of the wedding world, some folks prefer a bit of glitz and glamour. If you’re itching for a ballgown, a banquet, and a DJ who will (probably) forget about the ‘do not play’ list – go for it!

As long as you’re not going bankrupt over it or losing sleep about seating charts, you do you. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream wedding is too much or too extravagant. 

Remember, the real star of the show isn’t the venue or the cake – it’s your love story. And however you choose to celebrate that – elopement or extravaganza – is perfectly okay!

Couples portraits during an elopement in Colorado

It’s Your Wedding, Do What Makes You Happy!

Here’s the grand finale!

There’s no right or wrong, just what brings you and your loved one joy. If that joy involves standing atop a mountain yelling, “I do!” to the echoes, then go forth and elope! If it includes making sure every guest has a customized napkin ring and a personally curated playlist, then you best get cracking on those wedding plans.

The meaning of elope or any kind of wedding, is about what makes you and your other half look at each other and say, “Yeah, this feels right.”

Whether that’s running away together to an undisclosed location where you will exchange vows with nothing but squirrels as your witnesses, or throwing the biggest shindig your town has ever seen complete with a fireworks display and a live band – it’s your call.

It Is Your Decision!

Now you know the meaning of elope and if an elopement is for you you can decide whether this wild decision brings your heart joy and excitement! Do what feels right and you will have the adventure of a lifetime. 

But let me tell you, an elopement in Tennessee, Colorado and Alabama is an adventure full of fun, excitement and hidden wonders – you won’t regret it! Get in touch with me today to inquire about your Colorado elopement photography so you can re-live your day again and again.
You can check out many more of the benefits of eloping on my blog here!

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