What to Wear: Engagement Session

Let’s talk about it. Building your outfit(s) can be fun and exciting but also easy.

I hear you though. “Outfits are the worst part of portraits”…but they don’t have to be.

Use these tips and picking your outfits will be a breeze!

01. Choose Outfits You Feel Confident In

Having an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks is seriously the most important part of piecing together your wardrobe. If you don’t feel confident in your clothes, your photos will show that. For me, I love a good flowy dress with sleeves because that’s what my *million dollar* outfit is.

02. Keep Your Tones Earthly and Gemstone Colored

Okay…. I literally just heard you say “uhhhmmm what?!” through this screen. I’m going to explain…

  • Brown, Cream, Tan
  • Whites and Ivory
  • Greens, Rust, Mustards
  • Emerald, Crimson, Sapphire (Navy)

These are examples of earthly tones with a touch of gemstone. Choose your color first, then coordinate your partner from that. It works best if you choose one gemstone, like crimson, and a settle earth tone, like cream, to pair with it.

03. Give Yourself 2 Outfit Options

When my wedding couples book their complimentary engagement session, (yes, I said that right! Inquire HERE if you’re interested) I always tell them they have the choice to have two outfits. One outfit should be classier than the other. In my mind, I am envisioning church best or better. What does that mean exactly? If you want classy but don’t want a lot of bling, go for something like a maxi dress with jewelry and pumps. Going all the way is also an option and can mean we go full tux and cocktail dress. The second outfit should be something you and your partner can easily move in… like reaaallly move. Engagement sessions are about showcasing your love; the serious and the fun so this means having outfits you can skip, or run, or sit in and still be comfortable. With this one, I envision basic boyfriend jeans with an oversized graphic tee or your favorite booties and sweater.

04. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Adventurous

If you want to incorporate some patterns or textures, go ahead. Outfits with pattern and textures can add such a great diversity and character in your portraits. Other things that can help are layering your outfits with vests, kimonos, or cardigans. Hats and jewelry can also add a nice touch and can really elevate your photos without effort.

If you seem to be stuck still and just can’t really figure it out, reach out to your photographer. I offer all of my couples help along the way and even give them access to a free outfit building tool so you can really see your vibe come to life. Are you ready to dive in and allow your engagement portraits to be fun and less stressful?! EMAIL ME. I’m here to help, sista.

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