Your Adventure Elopement Wedding Guide

Some say the adventure of a lifetime begins with a simple “I do.”

But who says that “I do” needs to be in a stuffy, overcrowded venue, that doesn’t quite sit right with your vision and personality? If you and your partner crave a dash of the extraordinary, why not elope into the wild unknown?

As an elopement photographer servicing Colorado, Tennessee and beyond, there is nothing I love more than couples who create an epic wedding adventure where I get to join the journey and capture it in all of its raw beauty.

Creating the day you envision comes with careful planning, so to help you, here is your adventure elopement wedding guide!

Planning Your Adventure Elopement

  • Know Your Vision: The Scenery, the Seasons, and the Vibe
  • Location – Choosing the Perfect Spot
  • Allocating Your Adventure Elopement Budget
  • The Thrill Factor: Planning Adventurous Activities
  • Suppliers – The Unsung Heroes of Your Elopement

Know Your Vision: The Scenery, the Seasons, and the Vibe

Before you gallop into your wild sunset, hold your horses for a moment and let your imagination wander.

What’s the backdrop for your adventure elopement?

Maybe it’s the rugged beauty of towering mountain peaks or the tranquil waters of a sun-kissed lake shimmering like a million tiny disco balls.

Perhaps you fancy a winter wonderland setting, complete with the crunch of snow under your feet and your breath visible in the crisp air. Or, do you dream of tropical breezes ruffling your hair and the scent of blooming hibiscus wafting through the air?

Decide on the kind of ambience you want to evoke – something quirky and fun, dramatically romantic, or so outrageously offbeat that even the wildlife might raise an eyebrow.

The goal here isn’t just to have a wedding day, but to have YOUR wedding day – so feel free to let your imagination go off-roading. Just make sure it comes back in one piece.

Adventure elopement wedding on horses

Location – Choosing the Perfect Spot

So, you have set your vision, and now you are on to the next step: pinning down the perfect elopement location in Colorado.

Remember, this isn’t like choosing a neighborhood for your first house – no need to worry about school districts or access to a Trader Joe’s. You just need a spot that makes your heart beat a little faster (though not from altitude sickness, please).

Are mountains calling your name? Nothing says “I do” quite like bellowing it out across the vast, echoing granite cliffs.

Maybe serene waters are more your style? Tranquil blue depths make for an incredible backdrop, and hey, if the wedding gets too stressful, you can always just take a quick dip!

Or, perhaps you fancy tying the knot under a lush canopy of green? The forests are an ideal choice for you – just watch out for those pesky Bigfoot photobombers.

Your location should feel like a second skin – but a really, really scenic one. It should be a place that makes your soul sing, your heart flutter, and your adventure-loving spirit do a backflip.

And if it’s a spot that makes you want to bust out into a spontaneous interpretive dance routine? Well, that’s your prerogative. It’s your adventure elopement, after all!

Location scouting isn’t just about the views; it’s also about choosing a spot that won’t have you questioning your life choices mid-ceremony.

Adventure elopement wedding with mountain backdrops

Allocating Your Adventure Elopement Budget

Alright, it’s time to talk dollars and sense (see what I did there?).

Although the idea of sprinting into the sunset with your significant other sounds all rosy and romantic, we must not forget that even an adventure elopement comes with a price tag attached. 

It’s time to sit down, crunch the numbers and decide where those hard-earned pennies are going.

Are you all about capturing your elopement in jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring detail? Then a top-notch, possibly mountain-climbing, photographer, like me, is where some of your budget should go. You don’t want to miss out on having your love story captured for you to re-live!

Or perhaps it’s the thought of a luxurious cabin with a hot tub (and possibly room service) that makes your heart race?

Maybe, just maybe, you are more of an adventure junkie who would rather spend money on heart-stopping, scream-inducing, possibly dangerous activities (think skydiving post-ceremony or bungee-jumping instead of a first dance).

Just remember, health insurance may not cover “adventure elopement-related incidents.”

And while I am on the topic of spending, it wouldn’t hurt to squirrel away a few bucks for emergency bear repellent. It’s always best to be prepared. After all, “till death do us part” shouldn’t be tested on your wedding day with a surprise grizzly encounter.

But in all seriousness, it’s your adventure elopement, your rules! Just remember to keep the receipt.

Couples portraits during an adventure elopement wedding

The Thrill Factor: Planning Adventurous Activities

Say “I do” at the summit of a mountain? Exchange rings mid-skydive? Perform your first dance on stand-up paddleboards?

That’s the glory of an adventure elopement – you get to set the heart-racing, palm-sweating pace.

If you dream of saying your vows on a heart-pounding hike, just remember to pack your hiking boots.

Fancy launching your new life together from the edge of a cliff, strapped to a paraglider? Well, make sure your life insurance is up to date. And remember, it’s not the falling that’s the problem, it’s the sudden stop at the end.

A little more down to earth, but still want that adrenaline rush? Consider a post-nuptial white water rafting session. Just remember to secure your ring – you wouldn’t want to trade your diamond for a river stone.

Or perhaps, in the rugged heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, you yearn to wrestle a bear to commemorate your big day. Well, a word of caution: park rangers frown upon that kind of thing. They have a funny sense of humor when it comes to protecting the wildlife.

Whatever thrill you choose to incorporate, make sure it doesn’t interfere with your ability to say “I do” without gasping for breath or rendering you so fatigued you would rather nap than consummate your vows.

Above all, your adventure elopement should be about celebrating your love in a way that feels uniquely you – and if that involves testing your endurance to its limits, then by all means, let the adventure begin!

Couples portraits during an adventure elopement wedding on Jeep

Suppliers – The Unsung Heroes of Your Elopement

Let’s shine a spotlight on the behind-the-scenes superstars of your escapade – the suppliers.

These are the Sherlock Holmes of wedding planning, always on hand with a solution for your most adventurous requests.

It’s us who will capture your “I do” moment while hanging off a cliffside, whip up gourmet meals to fuel your adrenaline rush or deck you out in top-notch gear fit for an Everest expedition.

It is so important that you choose suppliers who you vibe with, understand your vision and will enjoy your adventure elopement just as much as you – aka me!

Pick these maestros of magic carefully. After all, a photographer with a full stomach is one less problem you have to deal with on your big day – just saying!

Details captured during an adventure elopement wedding

Ready to Plan Your Elopement in Colorado or Beyond?

So, there is your adventure elopement wedding guide. Planning your perfect wedding is easy when you consider the right things and do what works best for you! Plan your vision and let’s go on an epic journey to happily ever after.

Don’t forget about your elopement photography in Colorado or beyond – get in touch with me today as I would love to hear about your love story and the day you’re planning!

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