5 Unique Send-Off Ideas

The send-off. The last shebang of the night before the photographer leaves and the party starts to end. Everyone loves a memorable sendoff tunnel with all of their guests to send the couple away with all their best wishes. But….just what should you do for a sendoff?!

01. Let’s Talk Sparklers!

Sparklers have become such a popular sendoff option within the last few years and there’s no doubt they make for romantic and sometimes epic portraits. Everyone loves that golden sparkly light all around them as they go down for the perfect dip kiss. It’s important to note that there is a difference in sparklers though. There are firework sparklers and there are sparklers used for photography. These extra long sparklers are a better option! If you’re opting for a sparkler exit, it’s also important to think about the dangers of having alcohol, fire, and small children mixed in all together. Make sure all guests understand the risks when dealing with sparklers.


*Cue the Nemo voice* but seriously. If fire isn’t your thing, try opting for something a little safer and kid friendly. Bubbles can make for such adorable portraits as well and you can still get the dip and kiss. Let’s be realistic here…have you ever been engulfed by bubbles and not giggled a little? The reflection off of the bubbles give a sweet colorful sendoff option. You can use these for a few of your guest, and then give small bubble packs for the rest to blow themselves.

03. Flowers, Seeds, or Lavender

One of my personal favorites to be honest. Who wouldn’t love to be showered with something that smells heavenly while also planting, feeding, or decorating the earth safely. I can smell this lavender already, check it out! Can you imagine seeing wildflowers literally growing because of your love?! If you have permission from private venues or if you are having an intimate wedding at a location special to you, feeding the birds or wildlife can be such a sweet treat that can have multi-purpose effects. These sendoff options are also super cost-effective and make for such sweet and unique photos.

04. Game Shakers

Down here in the South, team colors are a staple palette in our closet. Why not include it in your wedding day? Maybe you met at college or you’re a teacher at a local high school. Whatever your story includes, if any kind of sport is in it, think about including game shakers as your sendoff. Maybe you don’t have a favorite sports team but still love the look of the shakers…. that’s cool too! Look at these silver ones that are super versatile. These little things add so much movement and character to your send off. You can make them one of kind too!

05. LED Lights or Wands

If you are really likin’ the sparkler idea but you’re worried about the dangers of ya know…. fires and what not…LED wands can’t be beat. I got to admit, when I first saw these, I was mind blown. I mean…the same great, dreamy portraits but the wand can be used again….and again….and again. Take it to the dance floor afterwards for some rad shots! You can opt for white or multicolored if you’re feeling spunky and typically, they have different modes for the perfect setting. Want to look at some? Check ’em out here.

No matter which sendoff idea you choose to include on your intimate wedding day, make it fit the two of you and the vibe you want. Find someone confident to capture your story in whichever setting you choose. Are you ready to start planning your dream wedding?! Let me help you!

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